Bezier Games Teases New “One Night”

In today’s May newsletter e-mailed to fans of Bezier Games, the game publisher revealed that a new One Night game was coming to join its other popular One Night game collections, One Night Ultimate Werewolf (2014), One Night Ultimate Daybreak (2015), and One Night Ultimate Vampire (2015).

Here is what Bezier had to say about the upcoming release:

New One Night game coming soon!

While it’s still too early to tell you any details, here’s a few tidbits to hold you over:

• “One Night” will be in the title

• Games have the ability to break a long-standing One Night rule

• It will be compatible with other One Night games

• One of the new roles is a farm animal

Keep watching Bezier Games, Inc. on Instagram, Twitter, Facebook, and here for more details as they slowly leak their way out…

Not much was revealed of the content, but fans of the games can guess that they will have a supernatural theme.

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Buy One Night Ultimate Vampire on Amazon

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