IDW Games and Huch! Partner for Torres Tabletop Game Global Re-release

IDW Games and Huch! have announced a global re-release for the celebrated abstract tabletop game Torres, the 2000 Spiel des Jahres and Games Magazine Game of the Year winner.  Torres will arrive in a big box format for $49.99 in August of 2017.

“We couldn’t be more excited to bring this amazing Eurogame to market,” says Jerry Bennington, IDW’s VP of New Product Development, “and we are honored to represent such a prestigious title.”

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On, the 1999 version of Torres currently ranks a 7.2 from c.6900 voters, and a thread of 2000 comments, including such threads as “how to win at Torres without getting a headache.”  In’s abstract games  listings, Torres ranks very well, at #12 compared to all other abstract games.  In comparison, the classic abstract games Go and Chess currently rank at #6 and #38. respectively.  7.2 is a fairly high ranking on, an aggregate site where the highest rankws product, currently, is at 8.7 (Pandemic Legacy: Season 1).

Torres is described by IDW as:

…the compelling tale of a city in need of hope. Following a massive destruction, the King has entrusted his successors to rebuild the city, one castle at a time, to reclaim its prior majesty. That’s where you must act, as a prince in control of 6 knights, stacking castle pieces on top of one another to rebuild the city. Where you place your knights influences how many victory points you earn for the turn.

Torres presents beautifully on the table. With fully updated art and pieces, Torres comes with over 90 sculpted plastic castle pieces that stack on top of one another, 28 beautiful knight figures, 1 King figure, cards, and more. In terms of gameplay, it has the cut and crunch of a Eurogame, with the beauty and elegance of an abstract.

As thematic as it is strategic, this game will force you to make careful moves with your trusted knights, build towers to not only help you score in the short-term, but to set yourself up for your next consecutive turns. Torres provides players with the opportunity to strategize and think ahead for massive long-term pay-offs.

Pre-orders of Torres can be taken through this link to Amazon:

Torres Board Game

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