The mission of Board of Life is to give voice to those moments of insight and epiphanies that you have about tabletop gaming.  You’re too busy playing board games to write them down, so bookmark this page.

Board of Life is currently unmoderated, but I’d like to keep this blog “Rated Teen” and above, so if you’re posting offensive things I’m going to ban you.  Comments require that the user leave a name and an email address.

About the “Buy” hyperlinks in blue in Board of Life posts:  Board of Life uses Amazon Affiliate links on its pages, and when you click through the links and complete a purchase on Amazon, it generates some revenue for the site.  These were posted by me, so if you see them it’s not because you have adware on your computer.

Do you want Board of Life to review a game?  Cover your board game or card game Kickstarter?  Post your tabletop gaming related news?  Send your request to k4comicbook@gmail.com.


Keith Hendricks (@K4comicbookhas been playing board games since he was a boy.  While he played nothing but RPGs on the tabletop from 1983 to 1997, these days the game he plays the most is Settlers of Catan and its expansions, though he freely admits that his favorite games are 7 Wonders, Splendor, Castles of Mad King Ludwig, Puerto Rico, and Broom Service.  Keith also occasionally plays vintage Snoopy and DC Comics themed board and card games, to satisfy nostalgic, as opposed to strategic, thinking.  When not playing board games, Keith is probably writing, reading comics, or watching the too many TV shows that he’s trying to cut down to make more room for writing, playing board games, and reading comics.  You can find his other reviews and articles on NerdSpan, where he is the Comics News Editor.


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