Splendor, Small World, and Ticket to Ride 25% Off on Apple, Android, and Steam

To celebrate their new Ticket to Ride update, enhanced with new maps for the Ticket to Ride Europe, Days of Wonder has slashed the prices on some of their perennial favorites on iPhone, iPad, Android, and Steam. Additionally, some of the in-app map purchases in Ticket to Ride are on sale as well, with the best deal being that if you buy the Europe board, you get their new map update, Europa 1912 Destinations, for free.

Whether you’re big fans of the tabletop versions of these games, or just looking for something other than throwing birds at pigs, you’ll find these are some of the most entertaining apps on the App store. ┬áDays of Wonder not only creates some of the most easily playable and understandable board games, they also have great app developers, and these games are worth paying for at full price.

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